Residence Interior design process

Residential interior projects are more personal for an interior designer and the householder. Luxury homes are designed by householders and architects together, with creative concepts and decorative ideas that are most elegant and luxurious. Every luxury home or apartment interior design project should consider certain lifestyle needs of occupants based on their comfort levels, like luxury living rooms, sofas, or even luxury bedroom interiors. A luxury interior design style should include a dining space, and the kitchen areas should be close to each other for the ease of bringing in food supplies. The kid’s bedroom or sleeping areas should be avoided from family living spaces.

Bathrooms should be close to bedrooms and not through living or dining areas. They are the best interior designers in the interior design profession for commercial and residential projects due to the quality interior design services they provide. Designers backed with interior design education are the ones who get an opportunity for an internship with the firm. Our clients who have approached us have only come when they are looking for one of the finest interior designers in Mumbai or celebrity interior designers. Many times these clients have approached us for an interior design review even after hiring the best interior designer for their residence interiors.

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There aren’t many interior designers who are specialized in hospitality interior designs in India. Sumessh and his team are famous interior designers when it comes to interior restaurant projects. We have a complete in-house team at our interior design studio based in Bandra, Mumbai. Successful interior design businesses work mainly with all skilled resources as associates or freelancers. Some clients have also compared our work with local Baltimore interior designers with residential interiors expertise.

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We don’t provide free interior design consultation for any interior design project. We are one of the fastest-growing interior design firms in India. The luxury interior design industry is evolving in terms of design and the material used. Senior interior designers who have worked on sustainable designs have a better hand in developing modern residence interior design. Our work has also been published in many interior design magazines in India.

If you are going for customized furniture arrangements, few aesthetics must be considered based on householders’ lifestyles and choices, the living room designs, or even luxury living room concepts. If a home is designed for young couples to stay, then the preferred seating arrangement would be the floor, and elements like luxury sofas could be avoided. Whereas in case we have family occupants with children staying in luxury homes, then a comfortable seating in a luxury living room as well luxury dining room for conversation and other activities or even large luxury primary bathrooms would be more appropriate .

residential interior designer in India.

If it is a luxury family home interior project, a detailed plan for the approach to execute the interior and architecture project would help from the drawing stage itself. Proper use of space would require that each section in the luxury home is well defined from the design development phase. The main design concept should include various areas of the complete house like the living area, dining area, eating facilities, kitchen, bedroom, balcony, kids room, servant room and guest room. Each design element thought should consider the occupant’s lifestyle and needs daily. Towson interior designers are the only interior design firm in the world that create luxury residence just like we do.

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An interior design project has various interior design work stages from start to end. Each design phase has different priorities and design inspiration to be considered based on the apartment interior planning. A conceptual design from the design development phase of the main design concept helps execute home interiors. An interior design process involves providing design elements and design directions based on the occupants’ everyday lifestyle. Final design documentation in the complete home interior design process promises to give design solutions for the main design concept of the home interiors.

Our house interior design styles are more user-friendly with elements of luxury inherited with the use of designer furniture and designer walls. A modern house interior design involves luxury sofas, a luxury dining room, luxury bathrooms, and a large balcony with some space to sit with plants. Every house interior design process is well conceptualized and planned from when the complete home interior design has been considered. Our team is always looking for modern house interior design ideas that suit our clients. Our architectural design is done by certified architects who are experienced in architecture. All big residential interior projects have an interior designer who leads the project from start to finish. They work like professional interior designers for the complete project. We follow many international interior design trends to understand and absorb the same in luxury homes we design. As a service interior design firm, we provide services for lighting design, custom tile design, quirky design pieces for home decor, and give a designer look to the complete home.

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No such top interior design styles are always required in interior house projects. The best interior design tips are always based on the lifestyle and comfort of occupants. Our work showcased on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram serves as home interior design inspiration for many upcoming design professionals. We always have a hidden design inspiration in any of our projects that is for us to showcase our creativity and innovation in any luxury home interiors. We are a team of expert interior designers with a total team experience of 80+ years behind us in residential interiors. As interior design services, we create realistic 3d designs for customers who plan to complete luxury home interior projects with us. Our head interior designer monitors the complete interior design process when done on the 3d design software.

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We believe an amazing home interior is the one that suits the client’s lifestyle. We at Sumessh Menon and Associates integrate designs effortlessly with luxury and comfort while accommodating the client’s lifestyle. Our work as famous interior designers includes detailed concept planning with professional-level design boards to integrate interior design psychology in every project. We have also sometimes worked with local interior designers who don’t have the expertise to execute luxury living room designs. In the process of interior design evolution for a project, a designer must follow the right interior design process. In the interior design practice, many designers have got inspired by Patrick Sutton’s interior design.

Apartment Interior design

Our team is certified by reputed institutes of interior design schools in India and backed with interior design work experience. They also have done an international residential interior designer course from world-famous architecture and interior design colleges. Every home designs are different for children and parents. We involve specialized custom furniture designers who have worked with us in the interior design profession for the past few years. Design firms that provide premier interior design services are proffered more today due to the complexity of the complete project. Every Apartment interior design requires an experienced interior design consultant who monitors and reports each stage of the project daily. We are an interior design company recognized by the interior design community for our work and team.

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Our residential interior designing services have got us the title of ‘good residential interior designer’ in India. Sumessh is a certified residential interior designer with the international interior design association. We have executed Residential Interior designing projects at the best luxury properties in top cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and many more. Our interior design projects have also covered India’s best luxury home magazine. We have worked with luxury real estate properties with the best luxury brands for apartment interiors. We sometimes have adorned the work done by Karen Renee’s interior design firm. They are among the top professional interior designers in the world today. We have worked with different interior design firms as a design consultants for many small-sized projects.

A interior designer’s primary role for any project be it for residential, hospitality or retail is to find the perfect balance between form and function. Understanding the client’s requirement and vision and effectually realizing those conceptual ideas into functional spaces. A good interior designer is one who can mix art, science and experience seamlessly.

Design Dialogue

This is the first and most crucial of the interior design process, wherein the clients requirements, thoughts, visions etc. are captured and analysed to be transformed into functional interior design concepts.


This is where all the creative energies are let loose. All the analysis done as per the clients' brief is taken to the drawing board. Interior Design process of ideation takes place in various combinations by the team of interior designers and tentative costings are drafted.

Construction Drawings / Documentation

Once the interior design concepts have been frozen, budgets have been decided, now then begins the journey with details, details and more details! In this phase, all construction drawings and their execution details are finalized with the team of interior designers and our architects, the respective contractors, and the clients too.

Project Completion / Delivery

This being the final conclusive stage, where our interior designers and architects do a final walk-through of the entire project. Snag lists are made, necessary maintenance is discussed and the project is happily brought to a finish.

Exceptional Space, Beautifully Realised with the right Interior design process for hospitality interiors and residence interiors!

The interior design of a restaurant must enhance the dining experience in accordance with the type of cuisine of the place and not overpower the central focal point of any restaurant i.e. it’s cuisine! A good interior designer does just that with a conscious effort to mold every zone within the restaurant such as to create an energetic dining space and at the same time provide intimacy.

A client needs to have a specific interior design requirement to be fulfilled by the interior designer. In the case of a restaurant re-design, the client must be more aware of the factors that were earlier missing or any purpose that was not served by the previous design concept.

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