Residential Large Villa Interior Designer In Dubai

Space Design Awards is back with its ninth edition, honouring the best in interior design worldwide. The award-winning Indian interior designer Sumessh Menon is on this year’s jury panel. The winners will be announced at a ceremony in Mumbai on 22nd February 2019. Sumessh has been part of the jury for Space Design Awards since its inception and believes it is essential to recognize and celebrate excellence in interior design. “Design has always been an important part of my life – I’ve been designing furniture since college. So, when I was approached to be a part of the jury for the Space Design Awards, I didn’t hesitate for a second. The awards are an important platform that recognizes and celebrates excellence in interior design,” he says. Interior design companies in UAE have approached him for the same.

Award-winning interior designer

Space Design Awards, one of the most prestigious design awards in the world, has announced Sumessh Menon as the residential interior designer category winner. Sumessh is an award-winning interior designer who has worked in this field for over a decade. He started his firm, “Studio Sumessh”, in 2007 and has provided his clients with elegant and functional interior design solutions. His work has been featured in several magazines and won several awards, including Space Design Awards.

Architecture villa design

Are you looking to create a grand house interior design in Dubai? Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned design enthusiast, this guide is designed to give you the tools to achieve your dream look. This article covers everything from utilizing space efficiently, embracing open floor plans, and incorporating luxurious finishes and fabrics. With this comprehensive guide, you can create a space that reflects your style while achieving grandeur. So keep reading to learn more about the principles for achieving brilliance in your beautiful villa design.

Interior designer awards

Sumessh Menon is an award-winning interior designer specializing in Indian architecture and design. He has won several awards for his work, including the prestigious Design Excellence Award from the India chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Menon’s work is highly influenced by Indian culture and tradition and is dedicated to preserving and promoting India’s unique architectural heritage. His projects have been featured in numerous publications, and he is widely recognized as one of India’s leading architects.

Signature villa construction

Creating a villa interior design plan for your large villa in Dubai can be daunting. However, luxury villa concepts in UAE can make a stunning and luxurious retreat. Here are some interior designing stages to keep in mind when designing your villa: 1. Comfort & Luxury: For a modern villa design in UAE, comfort and luxury should be the priority. As such, choose materials and finishes that offer comfort and luxury in equal measure, from plush carpets and curtains to opulent and textured fabrics. 2. Balance: A well-balanced villa creates an inviting atmosphere. Balance the size of furniture pieces, accessories, colour, and materials throughout the villa for optimal results. Villa interior designers will vouch for this. 3. Proportion: Proportion is essential when creating small modern beach house designs. Be conscious of the proportions of furniture and decor pieces concerning each other and the size of the villa itself. 4. Colours: Colors should be used to set the mood and create a luxurious ambience. Use bright and vibrant hues to add energy to the space, or opt for neutral and muted tones for a calming atmosphere. An interior house designer will use the best paints to make drawing on it easy and smooth. 5. Lighting: Lighting can completely transform a villa, so choose lighting that creates the desired atmosphere. Natural lighting is always best for estates, so incorporate large windows and skylights. Following these five design fundamentals ensures your luxury real estate transforms into a beautiful, grand space. With the proper planning, your signature villa construction will become a haven of luxury and comfort you can be proud of.

Design awards in India

Sumessh Menon is an award-winning interior designer featured in several design awards in India. He founded Sumessh Menon & Associates, a space design firm specializing in residential and commercial interiors. His work has been recognized for its innovative use of space and materials, and has won several awards for his innovative designs.

Luxury villa design

Open floor plans are becoming increasingly popular for residential villas in Dubai. They offer a unique blend of elegance, luxury, and convenience that can’t be found with a traditional design. Open floor plans combine the living area, kitchen, and dining room, creating an ample, grand space that exudes a sense of grandeur. They allow homeowners to entertain in style, creating a bright, inviting space perfect for large gatherings. Living room design in a villa is also a great way to make a home feel larger and can help create a harmonious atmosphere ideal for relaxation. Embracing an open floor plan when planning your luxury villas in UAE will help you achieve the grandeur of a luxury living space.
Dubai private villa with pool
One way to achieve grandeur in Dubai private villa with a pool is to choose a bold colour palette. When making a statement, bright and vibrant hues can set the tone for the entire design, creating a luxurious and inviting space. Rich jewel tones can be included to give the villa a distinguished touch. The pool gives the rich people another thing to boast about. When incorporating bold colours into residential villa design, use them tastefully and balance them with more neutral tones. Bold colour palettes can be used to create a stunning and unforgettable impression. Luxury beach house interior design is popular in Mediterranean countries. Who doesn’t find a modern beach villa house interior design, after all?
Emirates interior design
Whether looking for a lavish and high-end design for your emirates in Dubai or just a subtle yet luxurious touch, incorporating luxurious finishes and fabrics is crucial to achieving grandeur. First, choose high-end materials such as silks, velvet, leather, and linens. These fabrics create an elegant atmosphere and are timeless and luxurious design elements. Additionally, high-end finishes such as brass, gold, and silver can add sophistication and grandeur. For example, incorporating brass fixtures, gold accents, and silver gilding can create a bold yet elegant statement. Finally, adding pearls, crystals, or semi-precious stones to the design can add luxury and extravagance. That is why the luxury villa construction cost in UAE skyrockets.
Top interior design companies in Dubai
Interior design companies in Dubai are increasingly popular for their creative and innovative designs. Whether you want to revamp your whole home or spruce up a few rooms, you must know which interior design firms in Dubai offer the best services. For example, Summesh Menon uses multifunctional furniture, maximizes storage solutions, etc., to create an inviting atmosphere. It can also beat any Dubai interior design company in this area. Often famous interior designers are somehow connected to him.
Beautiful villa design
The beauty of villa interior design in Dubai can be amplified by strategically utilizing natural light to create bright and inviting spaces. Maximizing natural light throughout the home can make all the difference in creating the total visual impact. Optimal lighting can be achieved by using various techniques, such as: using white paint to reflect light into the space, using drapery to filter sunlight, and installing skylights and windows to bring in soft, natural light. Additionally, architectural features such as French doors and bay windows can create a light-filled ambience. That is how sunrises and sunsets become special to homeowners.
Residential Large Villa Interior Designer In Dubai
October 9, 2020
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India's best architect in Dubai

Sumessh Menon Associates refurbishes a large villa in Dubai that meets Indian design aspirations, while playing with regional touches.

To reflect local, we believe a conscious effort to source local is important. The character of a city is reflected strongly in the context of its architectural footprint. Inside a premium gated community in Dubai, Arabian Ranches Villas complex, lies this 5000 sq. ft. villa with its equally expansive landscaped area belonging to an Indian.

The project itself is a seamless amalgamation of contemporary and ethnic inspirations. Right from an art-deco-inspired formal living area to classical-style-influenced areas like bedrooms, kitchen etc., to more contemporary touches in the children’s room and the study.

A grand art-deco inspired main door and marble inlay welcomes you into the luxurious double height entrance foyer. The staircase well is cleverly utilized to house a stunning marble standalone temple customized entirely in Jaipur and transported to site. All bathrooms have Italian marble floors with different themes for each. Customized bedroom furniture, marble temple designs, metallic screens and the bespoke inlay on the bar counter-top are sourced from India, particularly the marble panels for the Indian mandir. The temple displays a Tree-of-life theme with intricate stone-cut panels and a pyramidal ceiling that filters in natural light from the stained-glass window in the stair block as well as the chandelier right above the temple. Furniture and light fixtures are sourced from well-known brands in Dubai.

While the world gets smaller, it is also getting more similar in terms of design solutions. The project being in Dubai was a challenging task for the designer; however, it was also the most exciting part. Custom-designing a major chunk of the design elements in India and then shipping them off to Dubai, to be installed on site requires a high precision level in terms of quantities, design, fixing details etc.

While this sprawling home is undoubtedly a great design effort, blending traditional and modern by using a wide variety of materials and finishes; contextually, it fails to excite.