May 18, 2023
Luxury living is a dream that many aspire to achieve. For those looking to turn these dreams into a reality, Dubai has a range of extraordinary interior design villas that offer the ultimate luxury. Dubai is a city known for its luxury, and these villas provide the perfect opportunity to experience all the comforts of a luxurious lifestyle. From classic designs to modern features, these villas are sure to impress. Sumessh Menon & Associates is a renowned interior design firm specializing in creating bespoke and luxurious villas, including Arabian Ranches and Private Residence in Emirate Hills. In this article, we will explore the concept of luxury villas, the abundant features and interior design, and the projects undertaken by Sumessh Menon & Associates.
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Luxury Features of Villas in Dubai

Luxury villas in Dubai are known for their great features and amenities. From the grand entrance and vast outdoor areas to the luxurious interiors and amenities, villas in Dubai provide a truly luxurious experience. The interior of the villas features high-end materials, such as marble and granite, as well as modern technology, like home automation systems. These systems enable living to be more convenient and efficient. The villas also have many amenities, including private swimming pools, spas, and fitness centres. In addition, many villas in Dubai provide access to a wide range of private services, including butlers, chauffeurs, and private chefs. With so many luxury features and amenities, it’s no wonder that villas in Dubai are becoming a popular choice for luxury living.
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Villa in Dubai by Sumessh Menon & Associates

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Sumessh Menon & Associates is a highly esteemed luxury interior design firm. The company has gained a great reputation among the affluent for their exceptional designs and superior service. Founded by Sumessh Menon, the company works with the best architects and designers in the city and creates stunning luxury villas with unparalleled design excellence. In addition, the company creates customized designs for any style preference, from the classic elegance of traditional interiors to the modern sophistication of contemporary aesthetics.
With expertise in residential, hospitality and commercial projects, Sumessh Menon & Associates has been involved in some of the most sought-after villa projects in the city. From creating opulent villas to transforming traditional luxurious residences, the company brings their vast experience in interior design to every project they take on.

Arabian Ranches

This luxurious 5000 square feet villa in Arabian Ranches, Dubai, boasts a seamless blend of Indian and local design influences. Sumessh Menon & Associates have created a stunning interior design featuring five bedrooms, each with unique charm. Art Deco themes inspire the living areas, while the private spaces are classical, and the children’s rooms have a contemporary feel. In addition, the villa features custom-made elements sourced from India, including marble panels for the temple and furniture from renowned brands in Dubai.
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The entrance foyer boasts a grand art-deco door and a stunning marble temple adorned with intricate stone-cut panels. Italian marble floors adorn the bathrooms, each designed with a distinct theme. The landscaped garden surrounding the house offers a swimming pool and a bar-equipped outhouse. This villa in Dubai epitomizes tasteful design, combining Indian elements with contemporary touches against a classical backdrop. With high ceilings, marble flooring, and luxurious furnishings, the home exudes understated elegance while ensuring the comfort of its owners.
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Private Residence, Emirate Hills
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Located in Emirate Hills, Dubai, this stunning villa designed by Sumessh Menon Associates showcases the epitome of upscale residential interior design. The duplex villa boasts multiple bedrooms, spacious living and dining areas, a front porch, and an additional outhouse. The Indian-inspired elements seamlessly blend with local influences, creating a classical theme. Mouldings and carvings enhance the overall aesthetic, while a water feature and grand wooden main door with intricate moulding create a captivating entrance. In addition, the windows feature GRC cast details, adding to their majestic presence.
Furnishings and accessories from top brands like Rugiano and Fendi elevate the space, while the meticulously carved marble mandir area is a standout feature. With high ceilings, marble flooring, and branded furniture, this villa exudes elegant luxury while prioritizing comfort. Sumessh Menon Associates showcases their expertise as the best luxury home interior designers in Dubai through this breathtaking design.
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