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Sumessh Menon Associates introduces a culinary gem to Mumbai with the Mizu Izakaya restaurant Bandra. This Izakaya restaurant concept embraces the quintessential Japanese design interior, seamlessly blending elements of modernity with traditional Japan interior style. The ambiance at Mizu Izakaya is a harmonious fusion of elegance and authenticity, capturing the essence of Japan’s vibrant dining culture.

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Sumessh Menon Associates showcases unparalleled expertise in Japanese design interior, exemplifying a seamless blend of tradition and modernity. Their mastery is evident in the creation of Japanese theme restaurants, where every detail reflects the essence of Japan. Even in the confines of a small Japanese restaurant design, they maximize space with ingenious efficiency, while maintaining the integrity of Japanese aesthetics. Sumessh Menon Associates redefines Japanese restaurant interior design, creating environments that resonate with authenticity and sophistication, offering diners an immersive experience in the heart of Japan. Sumessh Menon’s team excels in creating spaces that reflect the essence of Japanese interior design modern, characterized by clean lines, minimalism, and an emphasis on natural materials.

japanese restaurant interior design concept

Sumessh Menon Associates exemplifies the epitome of modern Japanese restaurant design, seamlessly weaving elements of Japanese culture into interior spaces. Their expertise in infusing Japanese culture in interior design is evident in every project, where traditional motifs and modern aesthetics coalesce effortlessly. When it comes to sushi restaurant interior design, Sumessh Menon’s team brings a unique flair, harmonizing the precision of sushi-making with the artistry of interior decor.

japanese interior design elements

Sumessh Menon Associates is a trailblazer in integrating Japanese interior design elements into modern living spaces. Their approach hinges on the mastery of Japanese design principles, epitomizing the essence of modern Japanese style interior design. With an acute understanding of the art of simplicity, Sumessh Menon’s team crafts spaces that embody the core tenets of Japanese minimalist interior design.

traditional japanese interior design

Sumessh Menon Associates embraces the essence of Japanese design interior, reflecting the artistry and japanese lifestyle. Each project is a canvas, where Japanese art and culture come to life in the form of meticulously curated spaces. The team seamlessly weaves elements of tranquility and simplicity, mirroring the Japanese way of life. When it comes to Japan restaurant interior, Sumessh Menon Associates excels in creating environments that not only offer exquisite dining but also evoke a sense of being in Japan itself.

unique restaurant design

Sumessh Menon Associates is a trailblazer in Japanese design interior, infusing spaces with the essence of Japan’s aesthetic finesse. Their unique restaurant designs are a testament to their mastery in fine dining restaurant interior design, elevating dining to an art form. Each project is a symphony of elements, where traditional Japanese motifs harmonize with contemporary sensibilities. When it comes to Japan restaurant interior design, Sumessh Menon Associates’ expertise shines through.

Take a look inside Mumbai’s first izakaya in Worli

October 7, 2020
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Japanese theme restro and bistro architecture and interior design by Sumessh Menon and Associates.

The new Japanese bar Mizu Izakaya, in Worli, celebrates Japanese minimalism in its design. Mumbai is getting a taste of Japan with the launch of its first Izakaya – a Japanese-style pub. Sumessh Menon and Associates, an architecture and interior design firm, is behind the transformation of this Worli eatery. The designers have created a space filled with vibrant traditional elements to bring out the authentic Japanese atmosphere. The restaurant blends contemporary style with traditional Japanese architecture creating an inviting atmosphere for guests. Authentic wooden walls offer warmth, while modern furniture adds chicness to the venue. The subtle colour palette is complemented by bright shades like orange and red to give it a dynamic feel. Additionally, wooden slats divide seating areas while giving off an airy feel that’s quintessential of Japanese culture.

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