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Nom Nom Restaurant

Nom Nom restaurant is a Thai style interior designed by Sumessh Menon. The restaurant’s interior design uses traditional Thai elements, such as wooden furnishings and colourful silk fabrics. It also incorporates modern accents, creating a uniquely exotic and contemporary atmosphere. The overall look of the restaurant interior design themes is inviting and comfortable, creating an atmosphere where customers can relax and enjoy their meals.

The primary colour palette used throughout the restaurant is warm tones with vibrant colours, giving it a cosy yet luxurious feel. Bold patterned wallpapers draw attention to certain space features, while green foliage adds to its tropical ambience. The furniture pieces in Nom Nom have been carefully chosen to reflect the traditional Thai style, including wood carvings and woven baskets for storage or decorative purposes. Meanwhile, lighting fixtures help create different moods within the space depending on the time of day or occasion – from romantic dinners to casual get-togethers at lunchtime.

Thai restaurant concept

Nom Nom restaurant interior design concept centres around the idea that Thai cuisine should be experienced in its most authentic form as if dining in a traditional Thai eatery. The interior designer, Sumessh Menon, drew inspiration from both traditional and modern elements to create a unique restaurant design that is both inviting and tasteful. He incorporated Indian interior designers theories into his work by incorporating warm colours and rich textures throughout the restaurant’s interior. Additionally, he used vintage wooden furniture pieces to evoke an old-fashioned charm. To further establish an atmosphere of leisurely relaxation, he created seating arrangements with various comfortable cushions for guests to sink into and enjoy their meals. All these elements combine to give visitors an unparalleled dining experience that captures the essence of Thai culture.

Restaurant interior design ideas

The Thai concept Nom Nom restaurant design in Mumbai, India, was created by Sumessh Menon & Associates, an interior designing firm. The main goal of the design was to create a luxurious and modern interior design space while still staying true to traditional thai interior design. The interior features warm wood tones and pops of bright colours, such as yellow and orange, throughout the space. Large windows help to bring natural light into the restaurant, making it feel airy and inviting. Soft seating is paired with tall wooden chairs for a cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere. Additionally, hand-painted murals depicting scenes from Thailand bring an added touch of culture and authenticity to the overall design.

Thai concept restaurant interiors

The interior design of Nom Nom restaurant is based on a combination of traditional Thai and contemporary Japanese interior design. Sumessh Menon has successfully blended the two to create an atmosphere that still reflects Thailand’s spirit while incorporating modern touches. The walls are decorated with beautiful artwork that displays Thailand’s cultural heritage and includes modern art pieces to emphasize this fusion theme further. Furthermore, furniture pieces such as low tables have been designed to allow diners to sit close together in the traditional Thai style while providing plenty of comfort due to ergonomically designed chairs. In addition, several unique features, such as a vertical bar made from reclaimed teak wood, add an exciting touch to the overall aesthetic. All these elements combine to make Nom Nom restaurant visually pleasing and one-of-a-kind in terms of its concept and design.

Thai concept Nom Nom restaurant

Nom Nom restaurant is a unique dining experience inspired by Thai culture. Sumessh Menon, an award-winning luxury interior design firm based in India, created its design. The restaurant features a contemporary interpretation of the traditional interior design style, with modern touches such as geometric patterned walls and a central bar area surrounded by custom-made furniture. The colour palette features vibrant hues of blues and greens, along with subtle accents of gold throughout the space. To provide guests with ample seating options, the restaurant is divided into two levels: one for seated dining and one for small group gatherings or open lounge seating. Additionally, there are two outdoor terraces where guests can enjoy al fresco meals while admiring the beautiful views of the Bangkok city skyline in the background.

Hospitality interior design firm

The traditional Thai interior style design by the luxurious restaurant interior design firm for Nom Nom restaurant captured the essence of Thai culture and cuisine. The entire design was created to be a warm, inviting atmosphere reminiscent of a cosy evening with friends and family at home. At the entrance, guests immediately return to old Thailand with simple wooden furniture, intricate wooden carvings, and dim lighting in shades of reds, gold, and oranges. As they move through the space, they discover unique thai design elements, such as hand-painted murals depicting scenes from everyday Thai life on walls adorned with beautiful hand-crafted accessories.

Restaurant interior designers

Sumessh Menon, an award-winning interior designer, designs Nom Nom restaurant. His design for the Thai concept aims to bring a new level of sophistication to the restaurant with its clever use of modern materials and minimalist decor. The overall look is crisp and clean but still warm and inviting. To create balance within the space, Menon utilizes traditional interior design principles such as contrast, repetition and rhythm. In addition to creating an inviting atmosphere with these design elements, he also ensures that all areas are ergonomically sound so guests can comfortably enjoy cafe interior designs and their dining experience.

Head To Nom Nom’s Latest Outlet In Mumbai For An Authentic Asian Experience

October 9, 2020

The eatery's ambience is easy on the eyes and—living up to its name—relatively easy on the taste buds.

Faint whiffs of lemongrass and crushed dried chillis greeted us as we entered Nom Nom’s 2000-square-foot space in Bandra’s epicentre. A very welcome fragrance for someone (read me) who’d always take the chance to dig into a carbohydrate, spice and coconut-rich meal any time of the day.

Like the pastel chartreuse green ambience of the new outlet, the menu too has been refurbished with a medley of choices. Dutifully making his rounds across the already-full restaurant’s tables—Chef Sahil Rajeev Pradhan readily throws light on the conception of Nom Nom’s many cuisines—Thai, Indonesian, Singaporean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Malaysian. “The most popular dishes were selected from each cuisine and later went through several rounds of thorough tasting before making it available to the customers”.
Waiting for our crystal Dimsums (with water chestnut and exotic vegetables) and Bao (with shredded chicken in black pepper sauce), we absorb the outlet’s open bar and kitchen concept. Both spaces are cosy compared to the spacious seating area, abuzz with courteous waiters dressed in the lightest shade of chartreuse, aesthetically complementing the deeper shade of the same colour popping out from the restaurant’s interiors.
Soon after, we satiated our hunger with hot appetizers (that lived up to the waiter’s high recommendation) and placed our order for stir-fries (wok-tossed chicken with Sichuan pepper and broccoli in soy sauce). We take in the dramatic geometric vibe of the space with renewed energy. The colour play ends with chartreuse and lets geometry take over. We tried the chicken and broccoli stir-fry for the mains, which was fantastic. I played it safe with an excellent ol’ bowl of Thai green curry with Jasmine rice and a glass of Asian Sangria white wine. For dessert, we dug into Tab Tim Crob – a traditional Thai dessert with jellied water chestnut and sweetened coconut milk. Divine, to say the least!

Made of jute, wood and stone, the interiors of Nom Nom—designed by Sumessh Menon and Associates—are refreshing. Circular cutouts of metallic gongs and scripts sourced from China fill one wall of the rectangular space, and the other is a wooden screen wall with coloured glass inserts and custom wall lights. Concentric circles are strewn everywhere, from the table tops to the grainy kitchen wall. Even the small bar has a backlit wire mesh bar apron behind vertical wooden fins with a backlit display, going well with the solid chocolate brown stone top. The low-key Jazz music playing in the background consummated the interiors like edible flowers on the cake.

Nom Nom is located at 16th Road, Bandra West, 400050 and is open for lunch between 12-3 PM and dinner between 7 PM-1 AM.

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