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Rooftop restaurant interior design

When designing a rooftop cafe and bar, the key is to create an inviting atmosphere that encourages customers to stay and enjoy the view. Sumessh Menon’s Candy Green rooftop restaurant in Mumbai is an example of how this can be achieved with thoughtful design. The restaurant design colour schemes of the space are a mix of cool blues and greens, creating a relaxing feel that blends in with the natural environment outside. Natural materials such as wood provide warmth and texture to the interior, while modern furnishings add a contemporary touch. In addition, the open terrace restaurant design allows for plenty of seating options so guests can enjoy their indoor and outdoor meals.

Candy green rooftop restaurant interior design

The Candy Green rooftop restaurant interior design is a contemporary and chic dining experience. Sumessh Menon has used modern restaurant furniture to create an inviting, comfortable, and stylish atmosphere. The chairs, tables, and other furnishings are arranged to maximize the available space while creating an atmosphere of luxury interior design firms. One of the standout elements of this rooftop bar designs layout is the unique ceiling feature, which consists of multicoloured light fixtures suspended from a dark green canopy. Additionally, using natural materials such as marble countertops provides a timeless look that will remain in style for years. With its stunning features and careful attention to detail, Sumessh Menon’s Candy Green rooftop bar and restaurant interior design offers diners a truly unforgettable experience.

Rooftop restaurant design in India

The Candy Green rooftop restaurant in India was designed by Sumessh Menon of SM Architects, with a modern-minimalist aesthetic. The interior was designed to blend the traditional elements of Indian culture with contemporary influences. The rooftop restaurant plan features a large open space that takes advantage of the building’s high ceilings to maximize natural light and take full advantage of the rooftop views. The plan includes several distinct zones, such as an informal seating area, a formal dining area and an outdoor deck for al fresco dining. Each zone has been carefully arranged to create intimate spaces for guests and facilitate group socializing. Additionally, the small rooftop cafe design concept incorporates traditional Indian details such as wooden furniture and colourful fabrics into its contemporary decor for added visual intrigue.

Rooftop bar design

When designing a terrace bar design, one of the most important aspects is to create a unique and inviting atmosphere. Sumessh Menon’s Candy Green rooftop restaurant architecture exemplifies this perfectly. This unique restaurant design features an abundance of lush greenery, vibrant colours and cosy seating areas. The organic lines used in the furniture and decor add to the welcoming feel of the space, creating a perfect spot for couples looking for an intimate dining experience. Additionally, there are stunning views from all angles, which can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors thanks to the terrace-style layout. Subtle details also help complete the overall look; recessed lighting adds cosiness, while pops of yellow help brighten up any gloomy day. Thanks to its thoughtful design, Candy Green provides an unforgettable rooftop restaurant themes experience that will leave guests feeling relaxed and refreshed.

High end rooftop restaurants

High-end rooftop restaurant design offers a unique dining experience that can be enjoyed with friends and family alike. One of the most important aspects of any restaurant is its creative restaurant interior design, which creates an atmosphere that enhances the customer’s overall experience. Sumessh Menon has gained a reputation for creating luxurious interior designers in high-end rooftop restaurants, including Candy Green in Mumbai. His work combines restaurant colour psychology with modern materials and lighting to create a theatrical aesthetic that allows customers to enjoy the view from the rooftop while savouring their meals. In addition to this luxurious setting, Candy Green offers a cafe/bar area where guests can relax before dinner or share drinks afterwards. With exquisite cityscape views and sumptuous food and drink offerings, it’s no wonder why Candy Green is one of Mumbai’s most popular rooftop restaurants!

Rooftop bar and restaurant concept

Sumessh Menon, renowned interior designing companies in India, designed the Candy Green rooftop restaurant concept. It features an interesting combination of modern materials and natural elements that create a stylish atmosphere in the outdoor space. The terrace is lined with lush greenery, offering guests a peaceful retreat from city life. The modern restaurant design includes comfortable seating with vibrant colours and low-hanging lights to set the mood for socializing and relaxation. Inside, contemporary furniture gives way to warm wood accents and soft lighting to provide a cosy atmosphere for dining or lounging. In addition, a mix of industrial accents adds to the overall urban vibe while maintaining its chic appeal. With all these unique touches, Sumesh Menon has successfully created an inviting rooftop bar and restaurant concept that will surely attract more patrons!

Candy Green Rooftop Restaurant Interior Design

October 9, 2020
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The chic new venture by entrepreneur Shraddha Bhansali called Candy & Green is like a breath of fresh air in the affluent suburban neighbourhood of Breach Candy. As per the design brief given by the client for a “venue that embodies the good life through serving clean, inventive vegetarian food and fresh, seasonal crafted drinks”, the design concept conceived by Sumessh was developed around the themes of energetic and fun-loving yet soulful interiors by introducing a whole new style of “feminine grunge” that blends a raw concrete look with a splash of vibrant colours.

Divided between two floors, one an indoor thematic restaurant and the other a charming rooftop garden above it, the whole experience is enchanting! The indoor restaurant displays beautifully rustic concrete flooring with sleek brass inserts that visually bind the entire space together. The stunning glass facade envelopes the area on two sides and is composed of fun, the quirky interplay of patterns made of green stained glass, textured glass and flute glass in varying sizes. Cheery yellow and blue chairs add an element of freshness to the whole space. A lively14 feet long mural wall flanks one end of the area. The bar apron displays dramatic round motif panels in fibreglass against a fresh green element-based bar back display. Huge, strikingly imposing abstract leaf-like light fixtures hang above the varying dining tables, lending an ethereal feel to the space.

The rooftop area is a charming open space that is the perfect setting for an outdoor garden dining experience. From bamboo fencing at the periphery to pergola-style seating and deck and turf flooring, the whole ambience spells out a cheery magical garden that allows one to unwind and relax in a cosy nook. An imposing tree feature, with lighting, serves as a communal table and undoubtedly stands as the pièce de résistance of the chirpy rooftop restaurant. A playful mix of rustic and brightly coloured chairs adds a dash of vivacity to the dining spaces.

There is a sophisticated touch in the minutest of the details around the space, with the hints of greenery and rustic finishes only adding to the freshness of the area. From a picturesque landscaped roof garden to a live greenhouse growing essential herbs, from a chic communal table to an artistic mural wall and a funky curated retail and homemade larder, all the design elements adhere to the ideology of “living the good life.”

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