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Sumessh Menon Associates, distinguished as both an accomplished architecture interior designer and a notable jury member, stands at the pinnacle of creative ingenuity, earning acclaim at the prestigious FOAID Awards. With an intricate blend of architectural finesse and innovative interior design, the firm has consistently secured recognition, adding illustrious interior design awards to their repertoire. Menon’s presence on the jury panel not only signifies his eminence in the field, but also reflects a commitment to shaping the future of design in India. The accolades at the renowned Indian Architecture Awards further validate Sumessh Menon Associates’ enduring influence, positioning them as stalwarts in the dynamic intersection of architecture and interior design.


Sumessh Menon Associates, distinguished as a luminary in the realm of design, earned accolades at the esteemed FOAID for their exceptional contributions to the field. Notably, Sumessh Menon’s pivotal role as a jury member underscores his influence in shaping the narrative of contemporary design. The firm’s remarkable journey encompasses a trail of triumphs in both architecture and interior design awards, solidifying their status as industry trailblazers. Their discerning approach has not only garnered acclaim at the FOAID but has also secured their place among recipients of the best architecture awards, a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence in the dynamic fusion of architecture and interior design.

architecture interior designing

Sumessh Menon Associates, an eminent force in the realms of architecture and interior designing, garnered distinction as both innovators and discerning evaluators at coveted design platforms. Having served on the jury, Sumessh Menon adds a dynamic perspective to the creative discourse. The firm’s trailblazing legacy is adorned with an array of laurels, notably the recognition of receiving the best interior design awards for their exceptional projects. Their architectural brilliance, recognized by esteemed architecture awards, further cements their influential role in shaping the contemporary landscape. Sumessh Menon Associates’ commitment to excellence stands affirmed, marking them not only as creators but also as champions of superior design aesthetics.

interior design awards

Sumessh Menon Associates, a vanguard in interior design, stands adorned with accolades, having ascended to the pinnacle of recognition at prestigious design ceremonies. Notably, Sumessh Menon’s role as a jury member signifies not just their creative prowess but also their discerning eye for excellence. The firm has consistently secured its position as a recipient of top interior design awards, a testament to their commitment to pushing aesthetic boundaries. Their innovative projects resonate with a distinctive blend of functionality and aesthetics, earning them well-deserved acclaim at various design awards. Sumessh Menon Associates continues to redefine interior design paradigms, setting benchmarks for the industry.

festival of architecture & interior designing

Sumessh Menon Associates, an illustrious name in the architectural realm, assumed a pivotal role as a jury member at the esteemed Festival of Architecture & Interior Designing. The firm’s indelible mark on the landscape has been acknowledged through prestigious awards for architects in India. With an innovative approach that transcends conventional norms, their architectural prowess unfolds as a narrative of groundbreaking designs. The Architecture Festival served as a platform where Sumessh Menon’s discerning vision contributed to the celebration of creativity and ingenuity. Their involvement as jury members not only underscores their influence but also reflects their commitment to shaping the trajectory of architecture in India.

FOAID Festival of Architecture & Interior Designing 2017 Mumbai
October 9, 2020

FOAID Festival of Architecture & Interior Designing 2017 Mumbai Edition held an exhibition and conference on the 1st and 2nd of December at The Lalit, Mumbai. The Expo showcased the work of renowned design visionaries and the conference was a panel discussion based on the FOAID theme of “Lets’ Uncondition”, attended by around 300 + Professionals from different genres. Sumessh Menon was a part of the jury for the exhibition and was also one of the designerswhose works were displayed as part of the exhibition panel and coffee table book.

Sumessh Menon, an acclaimed architect and interior designer, has recently served on the jury for the Festival of Architecture Interior Designing exhibition. With decades of experience in the field, Menon has established himself as one of the best architects for residential and hospital designs. His keen eye for detail and innovative design approach have earned him numerous accolades.

Sumessh Menon’s unique approach towards designing spaces is rooted in his belief that every space should reflect its purpose and be aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, he strongly feels that design should be functional and evoke emotions in people. His portfolio boasts several award-winning projects showcasing his versatility with different modern and traditional styles. Menon’s expertise lies in creating bespoke spaces catering to his client’s needs while incorporating their style into the design.

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