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Great Restaurant Design

Menon’s passion for sustainable design was evident throughout his discussion as he highlighted its growing importance in restaurant design today. He urged designers to think beyond aesthetics and consider eco-friendly options when selecting materials, lighting fixtures, and even appliances. By integrating sustainable practices into their designs, restaurants not only contribute positively towards environmental preservation but also appeal to conscious consumers who appreciate businesses’ efforts towards sustainability.

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Panel Discussion On Great Restaurant Design

During the panel discussion on great restaurant design, ace restaurant designer Sumessh Menon shared some fresh insights that left the audience captivated. One key aspect he emphasized was the importance of creating a cohesive visual narrative throughout the whole space. Menon stressed that every element, from the furniture and lighting to the artwork on the walls, should work together to tell a story and evoke a desired ambience. This not only enhances the overall dining experience but also creates an unforgettable impression on guests.

Another interesting perspective that Menon brought up was incorporating elements of local culture into restaurant design. He argued that by infusing elements from the local community, such as traditional artwork or even locally sourced materials, restaurants can create a unique ambiance that reflects their sense of place. This not only adds authenticity but also fosters a stronger connection between diners and their surroundings. Designing with this approach helps to celebrate local heritage while also supporting artisans and craftsmen in the vicinity.

Panel discussion on great restaurant design
October 7, 2020
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Top Indian Architect Firm In Mumbai- Sumessh Menon And Associates Are Experienced In Designing Restaurant Interior Design.

With a vast experience and an efficient team, Sumessh Menon and associates are one of the best interior design firm Mumbai. They are focused on creative approach while designing theme based restaurants, cafe, pubs and hospitality projects.

Being invited on lots of panel discussion, Sumessh Menon loves to share his knowledge about restaurant interior designs.


Sumessh Menon is a renowned restaurant designer who has transformed the dining experiences of many establishments across the globe. His expertise lies in creating visually stunning spaces that not only captivate diners but also enhance their overall experience. In a recent inspiration discussion, Menon shared his thoughts on great restaurant design, offering fresh insights and new perspectives to those looking to create exceptional dining spaces.
According to Menon, one key aspect of great restaurant design is creating a cohesive and immersive theme that aligns with the restaurant’s concept and cuisine. He believes that every element in the space should contribute to telling a story, from the materials used for furniture to the artwork displayed on the walls. This attention to detail creates an atmosphere where customers can truly indulge in both their meal and the overall aesthetic experience.

Another important consideration when designing a restaurant is striking a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Menon emphasizes that while it’s crucial for restaurants to be visually appealing, they must also be practical for staff and efficient in terms of operations. This encompasses factors such as efficient kitchen layouts, easily accessible serving areas, and comfortable seating arrangements. By finding this balance, restaurants can offer patrons not only visually pleasing spaces but also seamless service without compromising on style or functionality.

Menon’s passion for designing exceptional dining spaces shines through his insightful commentary on great restaurant design. His ability to seamlessly combine aesthetics with functionality ensures that every aspect of his work contributes towards enhancing both the visual appeal and overall customer experience of these establishments.

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