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Sumessh Menon is one of the leading hospitality interior design firms in India, renowned for creating stunning and award-winning restaurant interior design concepts. From luxurious hotels to stylish restaurants, Menon has a long history of producing exquisite designs that marry functionality with art, making his work stand out in hospitality design. His designs have been regularly featured in world-renowned hospitality design magazines, making him one of the most sought-after designers in the industry. India is home to some of the world’s top hospitality designers, specializing in creating luxurious and comfortable environments for guests and visitors. Among them is Principal Level Designer, who is considered one of India’s best hospitality designers. With a vast portfolio of projects, this designer has earned a reputation as an industry leader in crafting beautiful interiors focusing on modern luxury.

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Sumessh Menon is widely regarded as one of the most famous interior designers in India, and their works are exceptional in hotel and restaurant design. His signature style blends contemporary and traditional design elements, creating elegant and welcoming spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Menon’s work has been recognized with numerous design awards in India. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating unique spaces that reflect each client’s style, Sumessh Menon remains a leading force in interior design. His innovative approach to blending different styles and materials has earned him a reputation as one of today’s most creative and experienced interior designers. Whether designing hotels, restaurants or residential spaces, Menon’s goal is always to create stunning environments that inspire creativity, relaxation and comfort.

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Welcome to the world of interior restaurant design, a unique field of art and creativity! Sumessh Menon is a well-known interior designer who has successfully designed some of the most beautiful restaurants worldwide. He has worked with some of the top interior design companies in India, and his creations are always modern and eye-catching. His renowned portfolio features many innovative modern interior restaurant design themes that have become iconic landmarks in their cities. So if you’re looking for a unique restaurant design to draw customers in and set your business apart, then Sumessh Menon is perfect. With years of experience as an interior restaurant designer, Sumessh has created innovative and attractive designs for restaurants worldwide.

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Sumessh Menon is an award-winning interior designer creating stunning restaurant furniture designs for many years. His modern restaurant designs have won him numerous awards and accolades from the design world. He is renowned for his eye for detail, creativity, and ability to bring concepts to life in a timeless yet modern way. With each project, he strives to create innovative and unique interiors yet aesthetically pleasing and functional.
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Sumessh Menon & Associates is one of India’s most famous Indian interior designers. They have gained recognition for their unique approach to designing spaces and their extraordinary work. They have provided creative solutions for various spaces, from luxurious apartments to modern office complexes. Sumessh Menon & Associates has won numerous interior designer awards for work from prestigious organizations such as the Indian Institute of Interior Designers. Their clients include some of the biggest entertainment, fashion and business names.
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Sumessh Menon & Associates is one of India’s most renowned and respected interior design firms. The firm has earned a reputation as one of India’s top luxury interior design teams. In addition, Sumessh Menon & Associates is widely regarded as India’s best hospitality projects architecture designer, with projects ranging from five-star hotel lobbies to private residences. The company specializes in creating stunning designs that capture the essence of each space.
Not just another day at the office with Sumessh Menon, India’s best hospitality designer
October 9, 2020
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“My journey in hospitality design began with doing a small 400 square feet takeaway place, in New York, Bleaker Street a decade ago. There was no looking back after that. It has led to more restaurants in New York, and across India. Over the years, I realized that the hospitality industry is the one design arena that lets you explore every level of creativity to the fullest.”

Sumessh Menon, Sumessh Menon Associates

Experience Hospitality Design Excellence with Sumessh Menon & Associates

Sumessh Menon & Associates is a leading hospitality design firm in India, known for their exceptional designs and outstanding expertise. As one of the industry’s best hotel and restaurant designers, they are renowned for creating unique and innovative spaces that enhance the guest experience. Sumessh Menon & Associates has worked with some of the most prestigious brands in the hospitality sector, providing cutting-edge designs that elevate their establishments to new heights. Sumessh Menon & Associates are masters at achieving this delicate balance, as evidenced by their impressive portfolio of hospitality design projects.


One such project is the 1522 Bar and Kitchen, located in Mumbai. The design seamlessly blends traditional Indian elements with contemporary touches to create a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere.


Another standout project is Dragon Fly High-End Bar in Delhi. This sleek, modern space features bold geometric shapes and striking lighting fixtures that exude luxury and exclusivity.


His most notable projects include the Flying Saucer Rooftop Bar Restaurant Interiors, designed to evoke a futuristic and space-like atmosphere. The interiors feature metallic finishes, neon lights, and curved lines that give off an otherworldly vibe.


Another project that Sumessh Menon has designed is the Mizu Japanese Theme Restaurant Interior. This restaurant features a sleek and modern design that resembles traditional Japanese architecture. The interiors are adorned with wood panelling, bamboo accents, and minimalist decor, creating a soothing ambience for customers to enjoy their meals.