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International interior design projects

Sumessh Menon is a renowned interior designer and one of the top interior design firms in India. He has been responsible for some of the most iconic international interior design projects, having worked on the best interior design for cafes, hotels, resorts, residences, and more globally. His designs combine elements of contemporary art with traditional Indian craftsmanship to create stunning pieces that stand out from the rest. Sumessh’s work has earned him numerous awards and accolades over the years, including being ranked amongst the top 50 international architects by Architectural Digest magazine. He often takes inspiration from his travels around India. This approach gives his projects a unique appeal that captures the attention of domestic and international clients. International interior design projects by Sumessh Menon represent the pinnacle of the interior design profession, showcasing his unique ability to blend cultural influences with modern aesthetics in a seamless manner. Sumessh Menon’s interior design work spans a diverse array of projects, each embodying a perfect balance between functionality and visual appeal, reflecting his deep understanding of the art and science of interior design.

International interior design companies

Bold, luxury interior design trends philosophy is one of the core aspects of international interior design projects ideas led by Sumessh Menon. His unique concepts for interior designs are characterized by grandeur, luxury and splendour that reflect his passion for creating high-end interiors. He emphasizes using elaborate detailing and statement pieces to give each space unique international interior design styles. This includes custom furniture, vibrant upholstery, artwork, and decorative accessories with unexpected pops of colour and texture. While these features lend a lavish look to his designs, he also ensures functionality by incorporating smart solutions such as automated lighting systems that add convenience to everyday use. His portfolio is a testament to the versatility and creativity that most interior designers aspire to achieve. One of the hallmarks of Sumessh Menon’s professional interior design approach is his ability to infuse spaces with a sense of place, making each project not just a reflection of his client’s vision but also of the location’s cultural and historical context.

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Contemporary, Chic design is all about the perfect blend of modern and classic elements. Sumessh Menon seamlessly combines contemporary features and luxury finishes with intricate detailing to create signature modern interior design styles that have been admired in international interior design concepts. His work includes bold colour palettes, sleek geometric forms, and unique materials such as marble, stone, brass and wood. He also creates beautiful lighting fixtures that add drama to any space. His use of texture adds a touch of warmth to his interiors, making them inviting yet sophisticated at the same time. In addition, he often pairs vintage pieces with modern furnishings to give each space an eclectic, timeless, chic, yet on-trend look. His interior design tips often emphasize the importance of this cultural integration, advising designers to deeply research and understand the locale before embarking on a project.

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One of Sumessh Menon’s most notable projects is the Royal Residences. He has designed homes for some of the wealthiest families in India and abroad. One such project was a palace located outside of Udaipur, Rajasthan. He also designed various rooms within the palace, including a large dining hall, an entertainment area, and a library. The design incorporated intricate carvings, high-end furnishings, and luxurious materials to create an opulent atmosphere fitting for royalty. The second project was a luxury home in Mumbai owned by one of India’s leading industrialists. This residence featured more modern elements than its counterpart in Rajasthan, with contemporary furniture taking centre stage throughout the interior design concept. Additionally, he used vibrant colours contrasted with neutral tones to create an inviting ambience that would make anyone feel welcome when entering this grand home. Menon’s popular interior design projects include opulent hotels, upscale restaurants, and exclusive private residences, all of which feature a signature blend of luxury and comfort.

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Sumessh Menon’s multifaceted portfolio of international interior design projects encompasses various cultures, from the United States to Europe, Asia and beyond. His ability to understand and implement different cultural nuances in his designs has enabled him to create unique spaces in each region he works in. Aside from his research into each culture, Menon also draws upon the knowledge of local experts who can provide insights that may not be accessible through other mediums. Through this collaboration between global professionals and local artisans, Sumessh Menon has created meaningful experiences for clients and end-users by creating tailored designs that fit perfectly with each region’s detailed history and traditions. He believes these projects should be designed with respect for their environment as well as their people so that they are embraced by locals while still appealing to visitors on an international level. By doing this, he is helping bridge the gap between different cultures through thoughtful design practices that add value to all involved parties.

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Creating unique aesthetics in a space begins with understanding the client’s context and needs. Sumessh Menon, an international interior design firm, has done just that with their projects. From boutique cafe interior design concepts to luxury villas in the Middle East and private residences in New York City, they take pride in creating unique spaces with unique looks. Top luxury interior designers create bespoke elements such as wallpapers, carpets and upholstery to bring depth and richness to their designs. The colours used are muted yet bold to make sure that there is a subtle statement being made by each project. With attention to detail and carefully selecting materials for every project, Sumessh Menon has created inspiring spaces worldwide with unique aesthetics! A key interior design essential in Menon’s projects is the seamless integration of technology and sustainability. Sumessh Menon’s work with leading interior design firms around the world has earned him a reputation for excellence and innovation.
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Sumessh Menon’s international interior design projects have earned him numerous accolades and awards. His recognition extends far beyond just awards. However, he is often featured in leading lifestyle magazines such as Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, HomeAdore, Vogue Living Australia, and many others. This recognition is a testament to Sumesh Menon’s skill and commitment to interior design projects on an international scale. If you’re looking for the latest in modern cafe design concepts, then look no further than Sumessh Menon and his team of professional cafe interior designers. With years of experience creating unique cafe design plans for some of the world’s most famous interior design companies, Sumessh Menon is a leader in the field of cafe interior design. His team comprises highly skilled professionals with an eye for detail and a passion for creating beautiful and functional spaces. Whether working on a luxury villa in Dubai, a chic restaurant in New York, or a serene retreat in Bali, Menon’s ability to deliver exceptional interior design projects is unparalleled.
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Interior design firm Sumessh Menon have been transforming homes, offices and restaurants with their international concepts for decades. They are renowned interior designers in the New York City area specializing in conceptual art in interior design. Boasting a team of experienced professionals, Sumessh Menon is dedicated to creating unique and beautiful spaces that reflect their clients’ visions. Their signature style combines modern architectural elements with classic and contemporary furnishings for an outstanding finished product. In each project, Sumessh Menon demonstrates his interior design specialty, whether it’s creating a serene, minimalist retreat or a vibrant, eclectic space. Interior design services offered by Sumessh Menon’s firm encompass all aspects of design, from initial concept development to final installation.
International interior design projects
October 9, 2020

Valuable lessons learnt from being a designer on international projects

I have been fortunate to have worked abroad on projects in first-world countries like America, Dubai, and South Africa, where the climate, culture and building rules and regulations differ significantly from what we practise here. But, more importantly, the local taste and client preferences are poles apart.

And while we all grow with each project, learn new lessons and unlearn some with each milestone, each of the projects I worked on abroad taught me lessons I credit a lot of my growth. So here are some valuable lessons I learnt from being a Interior designer on international projects.

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New York Hospitality Design Projects:

We worked on two hospitality projects in New York. New York taught me the value of hand sketching my designs and writing measurements in detail. Your communications must be precise, clear and detailed when working across continents. And in writing, One must rely on something other than instructions given over the phone. The habit that caught on then has stayed with me since, and my hand drawings are my treasure.

New York also made me fall in love with skylights. Plan B, a restaurant we designed in New York, is located in the meat packing district and is all about skylights. Add to that the free vibe of the space, something that I try and imbibe in all my designs.

Another thing New York made me fall in love with is Epoxy. It’s ubiquitous; whether it is a high-end restaurant or a small retail store, they all use it. It’s so versatile and makes for a perfect backdrop for any design. We have poured Epoxy on tables and bar tops and love its impact on our plans.

New Yorkers love everything raw and unfinished; that’s where I learnt that everything doesn’t have to be finished well. But, unfortunately, sometimes spending takes away character. And thus, I have mastered the art of unfinished finishing!
international interior design projects, restaurant interior designer, Interior design firms, international interior design companies

Dubai restaurant and bar design project:

In Dubai, I designed a restaurant and bar called the Silver Beach Bar, and the biggest takeaway I had from that project is that Indians, too, can work very professionally! They need to be moved to UAE to do that!

Surprisingly, the quality of artistry seen in Dubai is so high, but a bigger surprise is that they are all Indians working there. And yet, the quality of work and professionalism is way higher there than in India.

The easy part about working in Dubai was that the norms in Dubai are the same as the norms that the malls in India follow. So background research was limited.

South African villa design projects

We designed a villa in Johannesburg and are working on a boutique resort with a beautifully themed restaurant. In South Africa, religion has a significant influence on work. Nobody works overtime, and religious responsibilities come way before anything in the world. So, all the plans, schedules, etc., have to be made keeping that in mind.

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Regarding material, South Africa made me fall in love with thatched roofs. It’s so unique and distinctive in that region. So much straw is compressed and made in a panel to make these roofs; it’s so beautiful!

Because labour there is so difficult to deal with, we created all our stonework, furniture, etc., in India and sent containers from here. Something feasible only for some international projects.

Working across borders helped me create unique designs and explore different facets of design. I plan to continue this journey and bring new and innovative techniques to the table, irrespective of location and the challenges it offers.

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