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Koko bar restaurant interior

Immerse yourself in the exquisite ambiance of Koko Bar, where Sumessh Menon’s expertise in Koko Bar restaurant interior design unfolds in a symphony of sophistication. As a distinguished interior designer, Sumessh Menon meticulously crafts a Japanese-inspired haven, seamlessly blending modern aesthetics with traditional nuances. The allure of the Japanese bar interior at Koko Bar lies in Menon’s thoughtful curation, elevating the space into a visual masterpiece. Witness the magic of Menon’s design prowess as the strategic play of bar restaurant lighting highlights every curated detail, showcasing Koko Bar as a testament to Menon’s acclaim as a premier interior bar designer.

Restaurant interior

Step into the enchanting world of Koko Bar, where Sumessh Menon’s brilliance in Koko Bar restaurant interior design unfolds seamlessly. As a distinguished interior designer for restaurants, Menon elevates spaces into captivating experiences. The allure of Koko Bar lies in Menon’s expertise in crafting a distinctive restaurant interior wall design, merging aesthetics with functionality. Each corner is a canvas where Menon’s vision comes alive, redefining the dining experience. Explore the fusion of artistry and ambiance, showcasing Koko Bar as a masterpiece shaped by Menon’s reputation as a premier restaurant interior designer. Elevate your dining moments with Sumessh Menon’s transformative touch.

Bar interior

Indulge in the captivating allure of Koko Bar, a testament to Sumessh Menon’s mastery of Koko Bar restaurant interior design. Menon, a virtuoso in bar interior design, orchestrates a modern and chic ambiance that sets Koko Bar apart. The seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality defines this contemporary space, showcasing Menon’s prowess in crafting a modern bar interior that delights the senses. Discover the essence of Menon’s creativity in the unique details, from the carefully curated furnishings to the bespoke touches like unique bar tables. Koko Bar stands as a testament to Menon’s reputation as a trailblazer in resto bar interior design.

Bar restaurant

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled ambiance of Koko Bar, a masterpiece in Koko Bar restaurant interior crafted by Sumessh Menon. Located conveniently for those searching “bar restaurant near me,” Koko Bar transcends expectations with Menon’s visionary touch in bar & restaurant design. The allure goes beyond the physical space; Menon’s expertise extends to the creation of an enticing and innovative bar restaurant menu. Every aspect of Koko Bar, from its interior to its culinary offerings, reflects Menon’s commitment to elevating the dining experience. Explore the essence of sophistication and culinary excellence at Koko Bar, a testament to Sumessh Menon’s unparalleled talent in bar restaurant interior aesthetics.

Japanese restaurant interior

Step into the enchanting world of Koko Bar, where Sumessh Menon’s expertise in crafting exquisite Koko Bar restaurant interior unveils a seamless blend of modern elegance and Japanese tradition. As a pioneer in Japanese theme restaurant design, Menon transforms spaces into captivating experiences that transcend expectations. The ambiance at Koko Bar mirrors the essence of Japan itself, enhancing the culinary journey of patrons immersed in the delights of authentic Japanese cuisine. Menon’s meticulous attention to detail in restaurant interior decoration transforms Koko Bar into a visual masterpiece, a harmonious fusion of cultural richness and contemporary design. Experience the extraordinary at Koko Bar, a testament to Sumessh Menon’s unparalleled design of finesse.

Restaurant interior ideas

Discover the artistry of Sumessh Menon at Koko Bar, where his expertise in crafting a captivating Koko Bar restaurant interior takes center stage. Menon’s visionary touch extends to innovative restaurant interior color ideas, transforming spaces into vibrant, immersive experiences. Dive into a world of creative possibilities with Menon’s unparalleled interior ideas that redefine the dining landscape. At Koko Bar, every corner reflects Menon’s mastery in translating diverse influences, epitomized by the harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and the allure of traditional Japanese restaurant interior elements. Immerse yourself in Menon’s design narrative, where each detail tells a story of creativity and sophistication.

Koko 2.0 Bar

Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai

Area : 2600 sq. ft.

Already a raging success, the high energy bar- Koko, owned by the renowned restaurateur duo – the Tham Brothers had recently launched its brand new Japanese cuisine extension to Koko – Koko 2.0. There are several reasons to celebrate this new addition to the space. For one, it’s Henry Tham’s newest endeavour.

India’s best restaurant and bar interior design firm

The man who pioneered Asian cuisine in the city, and has over the last several years, conjured up innovative flavours that appeal to the Indian palate has passed on the baton of taking forward this illustrious legacy to his sons, Keenan and Ryan, both of whom kept the flag of innovative cuisine flying high, with Koko. With a renowned UK-based mixologist, Dmitri, to helm things at the bar and an international chef to take care of things in the kitchen, KOKO 2.0 promises great food against an equally tasteful backdrop. The lavish new space scooped out of the neighbouring plot is a bespoke Japanese inspired space divided into a cosy lounge space and a plush dining area separated by a burgundy coloured wire mesh curtain. The dining area has a large communal seating set against an entire wall cladded with scooped-out design siporex blocks and a stunning custom-designed light installation sculpted out of banana paper. Hints of Asian inspiration are evident in many of the design elements like the charcoal artwork of floating rocks that are splayed across one entire wall and beyond the lounge area, there is a beautiful synthetic cherry blossom tree that breathes life into the rich interiors.

The entire design of the space was done by keeping in mind the Japanese addition to the cuisine that will reflect onto the interiors as well. All in all Koko 2.0 is as much about the ambiance as it is about the food—and Sumessh Menon’s signature. It is has been interpreted perfectly with a bespoke design that will evoke appreciation. Koko 2.0 isn’t just a high-end restaurant; it is a transformative dining experience.

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Koko bar restaurant interior design project executed by India’s best hospitality architect and interior design firm who are specialized in restaurant and bar interior designs.

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