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Trilogy NightClub Interior Design

Space Design Awards is back with its ninth edition, honouring the best in interior design worldwide. The award-winning Indian interior designer Sumessh Menon is among the jury panel this year. The winners will be announced at a ceremony in Mumbai on 22nd February 2019. Sumessh has been part of the jury for Space Design Awards since its inception and believes it is essential to recognize and celebrate excellence in interior design. “Design has always been an important part of my life – I’ve been designing furniture since college. So, when I was approached to be a part of the jury for the Space Design Awards, I didn’t hesitate for a second. The awards are an important platform that recognizes and celebrates excellence in interior design,” he says.

award-winning interior designer

Space Design Awards, one of the most prestigious design awards in the world, has announced Sumessh Menon as the winner of the residential interior designer category. Sumessh is an award-winning interior designer who has worked in this field for over a decade. He started his firm, “Studio Sumessh”, in 2007 and has since been providing elegant and functional interior design solutions to his clients. His work has been featured in several magazines and won several awards, including Space Design Awards.

Interior designer awards

Sumessh Menon is an award-winning interior designer specializing in Indian architecture and design. He has won several awards for his work, including the prestigious Design Excellence Award from the India chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Menon’s work is highly influenced by Indian culture and tradition and is dedicated to preserving and promoting India’s unique architectural heritage. His projects have been featured in numerous publications, and he is widely recognized as one of India’s leading architects.

Design awards in India

Sumessh Menon is an award-winning interior designer who has been featured in several design awards in India. He is the founder of Sumessh Menon & Associates, a space design firm that specializes in residential and commercial interiors. His work has been recognized for its innovative use of space and materials, and he has won several awards for his innovative designs.

Trilogy night club interior design with kinetic lighting design
October 9, 2020

Touted as one of the most successful nightclubs in Mumbai – Trilogy, owned by the Tham brothers, is now ready to take the nightclub experience to the next level. It’s gearing up to shortly open its doors to the brand new Trilogy Super Club 2.0.

Keenly aware of the high level of expectations to live upto, Sumessh Menon Associates, the firm in charge of the much awaited makeover, has incorporated never-before-seen-and-done interior concepts including stunning kinetic lighting design by an Australian lighting consultant. The sheer splendour of the constantly moving kinetic lights in pre-determined patterns is sure to leave one spellbound. Other impressive features include a double height dance floor with the DJ stationed on an elevator like console that moves up and down a double height wall and serves both the floors.

In adhering to the given design brief, be it in terms of materials, form or design concepts, Trilogy 2.0 promises to be a truly one-of-a-kind, international clubbing experience!