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Baozi restaurant architect interior design

The best hospitality interior design firm, Sumessh Menon Associates, executes the baozi restaurant architect interior design project. They have Mumbai’s best restaurant architects, Bar interior designers, and Hospitality designers on board with them. Sumessh Menon is a highly sought-after interior designer known for his ability to create modern and bold designs. His latest project, the interior design of a restaurant, is no exception. The modern restaurant bar looks appealing to traditional Chinese culture and creates a unique, functional, and stylish aesthetic. Menon’s innovative approach to combining modern elements with classic motifs sets this design apart from traditional restaurant interiors.

Modern bar interior design

Welcome to the exciting world of modern bar interior design! Sumessh Menon, a renowned interior designer and expert in modern bar designs, is here to help you create the perfect atmosphere for your bar. With an eye for detail and expertise in making the most of space, Sumessh has crafted some of the most aesthetically pleasing and innovative bar interiors worldwide.

Restaurant interior design ideas

Are you looking for unique interior design ideas to spruce up your restaurant? The Interior for restaurant is essential to any successful restaurant and can significantly impact the customer experience. Sumessh Menon, a renowned interior designer, has created a series of innovative restaurant interior ideas to create a unique atmosphere that will keep customers coming back.

Best restaurant interiors

The restaurant industry is highly competitive, and a successful eatery depends on making a great first impression. The best design restaurant plays a major part in influencing your customers’ dining experience, so it’s important to ensure you have suitable interior design themes. With the right interior design standards, customers can be drawn in by an inviting atmosphere that reinforces your brand identity.

Modern bar design project

Are you looking for a unique way to create a modern bar interior? Then look no further than a modern bar design project! This type of project involves the collaboration of famous interior designers to create a contemporary, stylish, and overall modern bar interior. Working with the right team of professionals can help bring your ideas to life and create an unforgettable experience for guests. Sumessh Menon is an acclaimed interior designer specializing in bar interior design projects. His modern bar design project has been gaining attention across the globe for its unique blend of style and practicality.

Top interior company in india

India is home to some of the most esteemed and award winning interior designers in the world. From celebrity interior designers to top companies offering state-of-the-art design services, India’s expertise in interior design is unrivalled. In this article, we’ll look at the top interior designers company in India and highlight some of their greatest successes.

Simple restro bar design

Designing a restro bar can be intimidating for any business owner, but it doesn’t have to be! Sumessh Menon shares his expertise and creative ideas on modern lounge bar interior design that will help you create the perfect atmosphere in your restaurant with a bar.

Restaurant architect interior design

Welcome to an article exploring restaurant architect interior design by the renowned Sumessh Menon. As one of the best in the business, his work features incredible rooftop restaurant interior designs that are sure to impress even the most experienced dinner guests. With a portfolio full of amazing interior designers, Sumessh Menon is an award-winning designer with an unparalleled ability to create beautiful restaurant interiors.

Creative restaurant interior design

Creating a unique restaurant design is no small task. Many challenges must be taken into consideration when making overall design decisions. Most interior designers understand the importance of staying updated with current interior design trends and incorporating them into the space. Sumessh Menon is one of the most sought-after interior designers specializing in creating creative restaurant designs that capture the essence of a unique dining experience.

Architect for restaurant

When planning a restaurant, an architect is often the most important person involved in the project. As a professional, they can bring restaurant unique ideas. The architect’s role is essential when it comes to designing the restaurant layout and ambience of a restaurant, as well as choosing elements such as restaurant bar counter design, restaurant flooring, restaurant furniture and other restaurant decor ideas.

Small restaurant design

Are you looking to create a unique small restaurant design to attract customers and make your restaurant stand out? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Many restaurateurs have been searching for the best theme restaurant ideas to bring their vision to life. Whether you are planning a modern Italian restaurant or something completely new, there are a few design principles you should keep in mind to ensure success.

Theme restaurant interior design

Welcome to a discussion on the art of interior design in theme restaurants! This article by Sumessh Menon will explore the creative world of designing and furnishing eateries with unique themes that attract customers. With his extensive interior design practice, Mr Menon has worked with some of the most notable international interior design companies, developing lounge interior decor ideas for various global projects. He has also managed many restaurant projects, ranging from small cafes to full-service restaurants.

Restaurant interior designers

Welcome to the world of restaurant interior design! Sumessh Menon is a highly acclaimed restaurant and bar interior designer who has worked with some of the best interior design companies in the country. With his extensive experience in this field and excellent interior design certification, he is the go-to person for those looking for stylish and functional restaurant interiors.

Simple bar interior design

Interior designing of a bar can be a tricky endeavour. It’s important to create an inviting atmosphere that encourages customers to stay and enjoy their drinks. Sumessh Menon, an experienced commercial bar interior designer, is here to help guide you through the process. In his article “Simple Bar Interior Design”, he takes you through some key aspects of designing your bar, including selecting suitable bar counter designs, bar furniture designs, bar seating, and decorating ideas.

Mr. Baozi Restaurant Architect Interior Design

Juhu, Mumbai

Area : 5000 sq. ft.

Located in the affluent suburban neighbourhood of Juhu, the restaurant combines local and Asian influences into a raw earthy look with contemporary touches. The sprawling area has been generously apportioned to outdoor and indoor areas with an assortment of informal and formal spaces by award winning architect Sumessh Menon. Partially concealed from street view by a rustic yet eye-catching terracotta red wall crowned with a charming scallop-shaped trellis, the entrance promises an enthralling visual treat within its veiled facade.


Juhu, Mumbai

5000 sq. ft

November 2016

Mr. Baozi restaurant architect interior design executed by Sumessh Menon & Associates

Located in the affluent suburban neighbourhood of Juhu, the restaurant combines local and Asian influences into a raw earthy look with contemporary touches. The sprawling area has been generously apportioned to outdoor and indoor areas with an assortment of informal and formal spaces by award winning architect Sumessh Menon. Partially concealed from street view by a rustic yet eye-catching terracotta red wall crowned with a charming scallop-shaped trellis, the entrance promises an enthralling visual treat within its veiled facade.

Asian restaurant interior design

Mumbai’s best hospitality restaurant

Beyond the walls, a warm, rustic combination of pinewood, stone, and the deep richness of brick creates a resplendent yet cozy outdoor space nestled within a richly patterned exposed laterite facade. The raw appeal of these earthy materials is sharply contrasted by the bright chirpy yellow and turquoise chairs creating an element of surprise that upholds the uniqueness of every Sumessh Menon designed space, making it the best interior design studio.

The alfresco section of Mr. Baozi has a mix of custom lounge seating and the raw brick and cement sequence that sets the tone of the entire outdoor space which is reminiscent of Charles Correa’s designs. 

The indoor dining space entirely weaves a magic of its own with the complete span of the edifice lined with an arcade of exposed brick openings lending a unique appeal to Mr. Baozi. Right from the striking custom wooden door set within a multi-arched doorway to the imposing Asian influenced artwork that scales an entire long wall and the ethereal sculptural light fittings to the handmade tile inlaid tables, the entire space is a splendid synthesis of patterns and texture. 

The whole place is high on warmth and energy. Talented artists have contributed to bringing alive the walls with arresting artwork ranging from larger-than-life paintings, Chinese inscriptions, and even FRP masks that dominate the space and yet are seemingly understated.

Spoilt for choice in the variety of seating arrangements available, the pièce de résistance however is the grand 8-seater round table complete with a Lazy-Suzy installed in it. Menon has effectively managed to scoop out a perfectly round private nook from a square space with a finely crafted curved rope installation that cleverly grants privacy without cutting you off from the allure of the restaurant.
The restaurant is truly a treasure trove of illustrative design ideas, fine craft and exceptional customization – an ode to all things fun and Asian. It’s a lively, chirpy yet warm space with a refreshing new theme – raw earthy meets funky Asian.
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Mr. Baozi restaurant architect interior design executed by India’s best hospitality architect and interior design firm who are specialized in restaurant and bar interior designs.

Well known for interior designing of hospitality spaces and restaurants, Sumessh Menon and associates have done many high-end restaurant architecture & bar interior design projects. They are one of the best architecture and interior design firms when it comes to restaurant interiors. They have worked on restaurant architecture and interior projects at all major cities in India like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, kalkatta, and many more

Interior designers for bars

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