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Farzi cafe design

Sumessh Menon Associates excels in creating captivating Farzi Cafe designs that redefine the restaurant and cafe design landscape. Specializing in innovative interior cafe design, the firm seamlessly integrates modern aesthetics with functionality. Their expertise extends to crafting state-of-the-art cafe kitchen designs, ensuring a harmonious blend of efficiency and elegance. Sumessh Menon Associates has a penchant for transforming spaces with a distinctive touch, embracing the essence of European style interiors. The firm’s meticulous attention extends to every detail, from restaurant table design to the overall ambiance.

Cafe design

Explore the epitome of design excellence with Sumessh Menon Associates, a trailblazer among interior designers in Mumbai and renowned restaurant interior design firms. With a knack for crafting visionary spaces, their portfolio boasts iconic projects like the distinctive Farzi Cafe design. Revel in the brilliance of the best cafe design ideas as they seamlessly fuse innovation and aesthetics. Sumessh Menon Associates’ mastery extends to captivating cafe design lighting, adding enchantment to every corner. As distinguished architecture interior designers in Mumbai, their creations redefine spaces, be it indoors or with a captivating outdoor cafe design.

Cafe interior design

Step into a realm of unparalleled design with Sumessh Menon Associates, where innovation meets sophistication. As expert interior designers, they have pioneered iconic projects such as the distinctive Farzi Cafe design. Specializing in the finesse of European style interior design, the firm seamlessly weaves elegance into every space. Immerse yourself in a world of creativity with their array of unique cafe design ideas, each concept telling a story. From the intricacies of restaurant interior wall design to the charm of small cafe spaces, Sumessh Menon Associates ensures every detail is a masterpiece, redefining the essence of interior design.

Cafe interior designers

Discover the pinnacle of design excellence with Sumessh Menon Associates, hailed among the top 10 interior designers in India. Renowned for its visionary approach, the firm has curated iconic spaces, including the distinctive Farzi Cafe design. Their expertise extends beyond aesthetics, shaping the very essence of restaurant interior experiences. With an innovative touch, Sumessh Menon Associates crafts captivating designs for restaurants that redefine the dining landscape. From the intricacies of lighting design for restaurant to the allure of European restaurant design, every project is a testament to their mastery. Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities with their array of inspiring cafe design ideas.

Restaurant cafe interior design

Embark on a design journey with Sumessh Menon Associates, where innovation meets culinary allure. Renowned for crafting iconic spaces like the unique Farzi Cafe design, they are trailblazers in conceptualizing captivating restaurant interior design themes. Elevate your dining experience with the very best in interior aesthetics; Sumessh Menon Associates specializes in curating spaces that define excellence. From the intricacies of compelling wall design for restaurant to the overall ambiance of Restaurant Cafe interior design, every project is a masterpiece. For those seeking the epitome of chic, explore their expertise in trendsetting and intimate trendy small cafe design.

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Farzi Café European Restaurant Interior Design

Phoenix Mills Lower Parel, Mumbai

Area : 2000 sq. ft.

Massive Restaurants has carved out yet another spot in the city for its latest venture – Farzi cafe in Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel. A splendidly done European architecture-inspired pristine white façade welcomes you into the double storeyed cafe. Complete with fluted pseudo columns, arched windows with charming little balcony style facade adorned with greenery, the facade is reminiscent of vintage British architecture. Once inside, we see a sharp contrast of textures and styles blended together perfectly in the large double heighted space. Another highlight of the space is the vast backlit ceiling installation in chevron pattern that shrouds the whole space in a stunningly warm diffused light ambience!

One of the India’s best cafe architects and interior designers

While one entire double height wall displays a delightfully earthy looking terracotta patterned wall, another one is a stunningly contrasting 22 feet height backlit bar display that immediately draws the eye to its splendid and unique laser cut design that is seen on the staircase backlit risers as well. The bar counter is a uniquely shaped one with two cylindrical edges and a beautiful red travertine countertop. Elegant custom made seating styles vary from sofa seating to high chairs to regular style dining tables on both the lower floor and upper one. The upper dining area also displays a floor to slab laser cut backlit panelling laid out in angular forms and displays a European style art print on it, while a similar screen panel is installed on the lower floor with beautiful amber coloured tinted glass designs in circular designs.

The color palette of the space are a mix of earthy tones of warm red and honeyed amber shades that lend a sort of uniquely eclectic design style that blends hints of polished European style with raw and earthy vernacular allure.
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Farzi café European style restaurant interior design project executed by India’s best hospitality architect and interior design firm who is specialized in restaurant and cafe interior designs.

Well known for interior designing of hospitality spaces and restaurants, Sumessh Menon and associates have done many high-end restaurant architecture &café interior design projects. They are one of the best architecture and interior design firms for restaurant interiors. They have worked on restaurant architecture and interior projects in all major cities in India like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Calcutta, and many more.
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